Blue Wolf Dental Plan

Join Blue Wolf Dental’s
In-House Dental $avings

The Blue Wolf Dental Plan is designed to provide greater access to quality dental care at an affordable price.

It’s a discounted fee schedule for most services, only good at Blue Wolf Dental.

You save on everything from cleanings and fillings to cosmetic procedures and crowns!

Restorative Dentistry - Blue Wolf Dental
Plan Benefits:

NO yearly maximums

NO deductibles

NO claim forms

NO pre-authorization requirements

NO health questions

NO pre-existing condition limitations

NO one will be denied coverage

NO waiting periods (immediate eligibility)

◊ Free consultations

Our basic plan for $279 will include:

◊ 1 Comprehensive Exam

◊ 1 Annual exam

◊ 1 Emergency Exam

◊ 2 Cleanings ( non-Periodontal based)

◊ 2 Oral Cancer Screenings

◊ 2 Fluoride Tooth Desensitizing Treatments

◊ 4 Bitewing X-rays

◊ Any Individual X-rays needed throughout the year

◊ 15% OFF additional Cleanings

◊ 15% OFF Dental Sealants, Fillings, and Core Build-ups,

◊ 15% OFF Oral Surgery and Root Canals

◊ 15% OFF IV Sedation

Blue Wolf Dental Plan
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