Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

At Blue Wolf Dental we enjoy changing peoples’ lives one smile at a time. Here you can see some of the amazing smile transformations we have done for our patients. Contact our team so we can begin crafting your beautiful, natural looking smile!


Case One 1

partial denturePartial Denture Case Completed

Aesthetic results achieved for one of our patients using partial dentures. Acrylic partial denture in maxillary arch. The patient elected to have a metal framework of mandibular partial for increased stability. Minimal metal display when patient is smiling.

Case One 2

Missing teethImplant crowns

Restoration of missing maxillary teeth with implant supported crowns. Patient was placed in interim maxillary partial denture while healing from implant placement.

Case One 3

Anterior composites used to hide presence of enamel defect and improve esthetics of smile.

Case One 4

Removal of tori in preparation for a partial denture to be made.

Case One 5

Anterior veneers to improve the appearance of smile.

Case One 6

Coming Soon…